Greece Adopts New Austerity Measures to Placate Creditors

ATHENS — Greek lawmakers on Monday approved new measures demanded by international creditors, including cuts to benefits for large families and restrictions on trade unions, creating the basis for additional bailout funding.

Addressing Parliament, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who backed the legislation, said the vote would move Greece a step closer to emerging from its third international bailout, which expires in August.

“We are a breath away from the end of the program and the definitive end to the memorandums,” Mr. Tsipras said, referring to the three loan agreements Greece has signed with foreign creditors since it verged on bankruptcy in 2010.

“This gives hope and courage to millions of our fellow citizens who all these years have made large sacrifices and now finally see light and a way out,” Mr. Tsipras said, referring to years of pension cuts and tax increases.

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